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So happy you are posting again! And so grateful I don't have to endure summer in Japan! ;)

I had to comment -- a set-up with water flowing down a set of stairs seems like its a recipe for disaster!! I wonder if there are many accidents? Or am I just seeing things through litigious American lenses? lol!


Jennifer, one of the things I kind of like about Japan is the relative lack of the hyper-safe mindset currently prevalent in North America (which results in playgrounds being deemed "unsafe" and taken down, never to be replaced, or Kinder Eggs being banned as choking hazards). But you're right, a fountain flowing down steps is a shockingly unsafe design.

It gets worse: the steps are in a square pattern so each level has four sharp corners sticking out. I don't have a picture that shows it well but you can kind of see one of the corners here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bluelotus/9756183295/

And the steps are slippery as hell. Shuma loves them, of course. He learned to crawl up stairs on them actually :)


Did you take him to the ocean at all? I can see him running in the waves and playing in the sand.


The beaches near Tokyo are awful, but we did take him to a beach south of here for a weekend trip. And to Jamaica in the winter. He loved the waves and the sand!

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